The winner of the Emergence Art Prize receives the opportunity of a 2 month residency at the Quartier am Hafen Studio House located in Cologne, Germany.

The Quartier am Hafen is the biggest artist studio houses in Cologne Germany and runs itself totally independent.

It considers itself as a place for interdisciplinary dialog and exchange. Besides 86 artist studios of all kinds of art disciplines, it opens to the public with dance showings, performances, concerts, presentations, lectures and four times a year the exhibition space, Q18, shows funded exhibitions of external artists.

In addition, the artist of the house present their work in their own exhibitions.

Out if his structures, the house is also providing a residence studio: a working studio as well as a living studio, furnished with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.


The studio is approximately 130/165 sqm and comprises two floors, with access to the studio possible on both floors. The room on the second floor has an area of ​​90 square meters and a ceiling height of 2.60 m. The room on the third floor has an area of ​​40/75 square meters and a ceiling height of 3.70–4.50 m. An internal staircase connects the two floors and creates an air space up to 7 meters high. 

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